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In all honesty, given a number of years back, this was not something I would imagine that I’d be doing in my life,  but nature and destiny has a way of applying a gravitational pull to where we should be.

Big Island Thieves has opened many doors for me.  It has given me access to many departments of government and allowed me to hear the ideas and concerns of people from all aspects.  I find there is such a divide where there should be unity.  I plan to work on reminding departments that in the end, we are on the same team and have a common goal.  A safe, productive, and thriving community.  In order to thrive, we much feel safe in our homes and communities.

Through my influence, through Big Island Thieves Facebook group and my front-line approach to crime,  I was able to repair and return the bond between Hawaii Police Department and the community in which they serve through information, education, and communication.  I pushed for individual accountability instead of penalizing a department as a whole, for mistakes or grievances.  I then worked with the Prosecutor’s office to solidify the bond through information, education, communication, and accountability.  Now, I have been focusing on the Judges and next is the prison systems, rehabilitation, and drug problems.  We donʻt need to make new rules and laws for everything. It is about taking a new look and fixing and repairing what is already in place and making the necessary adjustments to fit with the times.  I plan to apply this same recipe to many different departments of government.  It was always your voice, I just stood and represented it.

I am resourceful and will use that to gather information to pass on to the public as, I have always done.  I am not  going to stand before you and lie and say “I have all the answers.”  I have ideas, you have ideas, everyone has ideas.  I will listen and gather information to find the best way forward.

I was born and raised here.  My family has roots here in the islands for generations.  I grew up with the Big Island culture.  Like most places, Hawaii has a unique culture from the rest of the world. Every island even has its own variation of that Hawaii culture.  So many come and learn to live it.  I was raised in it. Big Island is my culture.

 My son is growing up in that culture along with countless nieces and nephews and other keiki.  We need to empower that culture.  We need opportunities here, but not in ways that bring jobs that locals cannot benefit from.  I have seen firsthand, working at a Community College how the tide has changed from education to profits.  I have watched many great instructors, professors, and lecturers leave due to this administration.  I have heard their stories.  I have seen the drama firsthand. We need to build the level of education of our community… not profits so a few can raise their income. 

I’m not a politician.  I have no strong political ties.  I am, just a once, kolohe boy from Kaumana in Hilo, whose experiences in life helped shape the man he is today, and feel it has given me a better understanding of how to help others.

I fully understand that no man is an island.  That is why we need your help.  This is why we need your vote.  WE are the community.  Let us all return UNITY to our Community.  Allow me to lead and trust in me, as so many have, to use my fearless approach with your voice and ideas to achieve it.

It takes an island, it takes a village, it takes a community, and more importantly it takes unity.  Together letʻs return Unity to the Community.

I am Tk Wehrsig, and I humbly ask for your consideration, support, and vote on August 13, 2022.


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