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Main Issues

Public Safety

A big part of Public Safety is the combination of Community involvement and Law enforcement.

Law enforcement, I look to expand on the programs, training, and support for our local law enforcement. I have worked for the past 6 years to strengthen the bridge between law enforcement and the community, because they are a part of our community too. I look to be the hand that links the fingers of law enforcement.

Working with community programs for sources of training, not just for crime, but other issues that threaten public safety.

And open the discussion to the topics no one wants to talk about. Expanding our prison system to house and rehabilitate. I know that’s a state problem, but I feel we can’t wait and hope they do something, someday.

Support and Create Youth and Kupuna Programs that Work

Growing up in upper Kaumana, the only place to play games, ride bikes, skateboard, and do most outdoor activities that required space was done on the streets. There were no parks, the closest parks we had were miles away closer to town. And as most people in Kaumana know, home is an uphill ride/walk with little sidewalk space at most points. Kaumana School was right down the road, but they were not fond of people on campus during off-school hours. Two decades later… and with all the developments and changes, that remains the same for us.

I look to support local programs and businesses that want to focus on our youth in giving them positive reinforcement and role models. Help build pride in their community. So even if they leave to chase their paths and dreams, they want to return to raise their families here.

Our Kupuna, the ones who gave us a safe place to grow up in, who took care of our Aina for us and our kids. They have worked hard and sacrificed for us. We need to work towards giving them not retirement homes, but communities. Affordable for the little income most receive. For the ones who have homes more affordable programs for in-home help, with life needs such as shopping, cleaning, and other basic needs. More activities for them to enjoy with company.

No one should ever feel like a burden. Our Kupuna has done their jobs. Let them enjoy themselves while we work.

Our Islands Economy

Always a topic of discussion when it comes to electing anyone to any position. What are your plans to help maintain and further our local economy? I have always been a strong supporter of local and small businesses.  In our island’s economy, for the general public at the very least, we need a double income to survive.  I am a small business owner myself with a clothing/printing business and also a small media company.  In the past, I have participated in the local craft fair and event circuits.  I have met alot of the good people who work to share their ideas and contributions to the island. I will look into getting better support for these small companies. As for big business interest here… I will look into how much percentage of the company’s income will stay within our islands and how much of our local population will be employed. And more importantly, what is the impacts it will have on our fragile ecosystem. I feel that the lack of support comes from so many backroom deals and crooked smiles in the past, that led to so much distrust in the community.  For better or worst. Keep it 100 with the people to decide.

District Issues

County Roads

“As a youth I always wanted a car with hydraulics … now I just have to drive on some County roads.”

Roads connect us, roads divide us.  Everyone has a use for them. In Hilo, on certain roads, you can tell who travels on them daily. Like a wavelength, all the daily travelers swerve through the lanes to avoid dips, manholes, and potholes.  Some just need a good patch. Some need a full make-over.  I plan to talk with the Departments and their workers to see what ideas they have and what troubles and walls they may have faced that got the roads to where they are now.  We all live in Hawai`i and know how to stretch that money out and sometimes the immediate solution is a bigger problem down the road. Unity can lead us down to  better roads.   

Agriculture, Live Stock and Farms

On the outskirts of Hilo, we have alot of agricultural zone lots. One of the biggest exports next to Hula from Hawai`i was sugar cane and pineapples.   Millions of dollars said Aloha to Hawai`iʻs economy as it filled mainland pockets.  With the same concept but different approach, more of the money can stay here. For example, we have a lack of meat processing facilities.  Farmers send beef off to the mainland to get processed, then it gets sent back. This is not the path to self-sustainability for our community.  We must produce local life sustainability and our Ranchers and Farmers are one of the master keys to that.


Living on the east side of the Island. One thing we are accustomed to is rain. With enough of it comes flooding.  With new developments all over the east side of the Island. Sometimes the slightest change in the landscape can lead to dangerous changes in water flow paths. Sadly, in some areas, there is little we can do and such is the case of downtown Hilo. But for some places, there are some answers. Talking with people who live in these affected areas and being proactive in keep waterways on our land cleared will help dramatically.  Being proactive is the key to this issue.  As my mom use to say “It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark!”

Community Issues

Drugs Abuse and Rehabilitation

A strong but sensitive subject.  Everyone at some point here has been or is affected directly by drug abuse.  Lack of local recovery facilities have hundreds of people needing and wanting help on a waiting list for other islands.  I have lost many friends and family to drug abuse in the past.  Some recovered, some are on the road to recovery now, some are still lost in the storm and are day to day users.  In the worst cases, a few were lost to permanent mental illness and death.  In my early 20ʻs, I was sent to BISAC for marijuana use.  Firsthand, I got to sit and witness the storm that people in recovery had to endure. Hear the stories from strangers behind the walls of addiction.  I look forward to working with departments, programs and non-profits to help those who seek help get it.  More importantly, are the programs to educate our keiki of the enslavement drugs bring.  Times have changed and with the major influences of the internet, social media, music and movies, the mindset to just say “no” is harder than ever.  Even harder is growing up in a household where drug use is as common as the sunlight outside.  I plan to apply my life experiences and the knowledge of others who have lived in the storm, to stand on the line of our community’s war on drugs.  I will stand on the line with so many who hope to reach those who want to cross away from drug addiction, and prevent the ones who may be on their way to it.

Solid Waste

Though we have found a temporary answer to our solid waste problem, soon the same problems that face the East Hawai`i landfill will be on the horizon for West Hawai`i.  If we are proactive in solutions, it will save us time and the increase of cost down the road for our County.  With an already good reduce and reuse programs in play, we need creative and innovative ways to get more of the public involved. We need to expand and gather input from those in our local industry on ideas for better ways of curbing our solid waste.


Anyone who knows me, knows I have always been in favor of affordable renewable energy. Though there is nothing that can be considered 100% clean energy,  there are cleaner sources of energy.  I believe the answer lies in proper transparent studies with the positives and negatives placed out front for all to see.  Working out deals with local energy providers on better buy back prices, will encourage the community to not only get solar,  but conserve the energy we use.

Affordable Housing

Every time I see this topic, I read the article and then I think … “Affordable for who?”  For the past years it seems like the housing bracket has fallen into two groups – “Low income” and “Out of my price range.”  For 15 years I have had a government job with a pretty decent pay, yet it puts me out of reach of most loans without a co-signer.  We need the bracket for the people in the middle to be able to find decent housing, without being miles away from work.  Package deal “cookie cutter homes” in neighborhoods like the one I grew up, in will help with this. Full affordable housing neighborhoods. Not a few to meet a criteria to build the rest upscale and price out the ones who need it.

Also taking a good look at the back-end affordable housing deals with longer expiration on the affordable housing.


WARNING – to all the adults! Cover your ears, as I’m about to say one of the single most, dirtiest words in our language … “Taxes!” <br>

Election season brings on the normal war cries of “No new taxes!” or “I will lower Taxes!”I can straight up tell you I can promise no such thing.  The most I can do is try to make sure the money that you give from your hard-earned paychecks goes less to wasteful spending. The TAT tax is a hot topic right now and though the decision may be made prior to my election. I will look more towards that tax going towards businesses’ income and not the owners of one or two rentals.

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