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What We Believe

Throughout the past years, we have witnessed as TK has worked tirelessly to inform and keep the public informed of major local events and problems.  The Facebook group Big Island Thieves has created a meeting place for the community to come together and discuss ideas and opinions.  As TK has helped to lift us to be heard, let us now, lift TK in his run to continue his work.  Help us get TK Wehrsig elected to County Council, District 2.  We believe TK is the best person for the job. We believe in bringing back Unity to the Community!

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Let's Do Something

Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't
take an interest in you


Volunteers Needed

We will be needing volunteers to support TK Wehrsigʻs Campaign run.  You can choose your level of help you wish to donate.

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